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It MUST be a Garamond, I'm just not sure

Hi All,
I feel a bit silly asking, but I am not 100% sure what this body copy typeface is. It looks like a Garamond, but I'm not sure which one. This is the body copy used by Zeit Magazin.

Thank you in advance!


Resolution of the sample isn’t all that great but I’d say it’s Adobe Garamond.

It says on opening a pdf that it is Zeit Garamond under properties - but credits that to Adobe, so maybe a slightly modified Adobe Garamond would fit.

Thanks so much for your help!
Bojev, I had no idea you could detect fonts under properties. It's not working on my version so I may have to upgrade. Thanks for the tip!

In Acrobat (full version or Reader) select Properties then click on Fonts at top of box. (This is on a Mac - do not know about Windows)

The German publishing house Zeit uses innumerable fonts renamed to "Zeit + original font name", e.g.




etc. etc. etc.

Think they're legitimate ?