It MUST be a Garamond, I'm just not sure

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Hi All,
I feel a bit silly asking, but I am not 100% sure what this body copy typeface is. It looks like a Garamond, but I'm not sure which one. This is the body copy used by Zeit Magazin.

Thank you in advance!

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Resolution of the sample isn’t all that great but I’d say it’s Adobe Garamond.

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It says on opening a pdf that it is Zeit Garamond under properties - but credits that to Adobe, so maybe a slightly modified Adobe Garamond would fit.

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Thanks so much for your help!
Bojev, I had no idea you could detect fonts under properties. It's not working on my version so I may have to upgrade. Thanks for the tip!

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In Acrobat (full version or Reader) select Properties then click on Fonts at top of box. (This is on a Mac - do not know about Windows)

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The German publishing house Zeit uses innumerable fonts renamed to "Zeit + original font name", e.g.




etc. etc. etc.

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Think they're legitimate ?

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