Online typography & lettering resources?

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Trying to gather a good library of online typography & lettering resources, as well as designers that specialize in typography/lettering. I'm sure that all of us could use several more visual goodness!

What I have so far:

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These are all fantastic...thanks all!

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Are sites designed as a series of boxes in a grid becoming a trendy new thing? Possibly inspired by iPhones and their grid of “App” buttons? I’m seeing more and more of them. They are quite useless, as they offer absolutely no information as to where you are going to end up, but gawsh they look purdy! Look at me! I’m making a grid! I almost read a book! And while we’re at it, please, stop it with the tiny, trendy, hard to read light grey type already. When the fad fades and you go back to black, I’m totally going to be there to say “I told you so.”

Quitting smoking sucks.

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May I suggest that you try Welbutrin: it's precisely the same thing as Zyban, but costs a lot less (especially if you have health insurance). It doesn't curb your desire to smoke: instead, it allows you to "put off the gratification of smoking"...which is to say: Hey! I want a cigarette. Naaah, it can wait. And, in my experience, it can wait indefinitely...

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I actually took Welbutrin for a while for seizures. Didn’t do anything. Had no idea it was used in no-smoking-land. Do you think I could get one of my physicians to prescribe me a 3DS and the latest copy of Pokémon? That’s right, I play Pokémon, and to prove it, here is a shot of my first two cartridges, before they were released in North America.

Nick, you quit smoking?

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Not two minutes after my box-bitch-session I come across this “new” site —

Nailed it.

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Here are a few very good lettering artists. Most but not all offer type design but they are excellent resources for hand lettering.
And may I suggest our own company

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@Hoffmann Angelic: You might want to double-check the default settings for the text on your side. It’s coming out as aliased, letterspaced, and 5 pixels high on my end.


Mac OSX 10.8.2
Safari 6.0.1

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Chris - I quit smoking on Feb 25 of this year and haven't had a single cigarette since. Frankly, I'm somewhat amazed by it every day.
I used a combination of Wellbutrin and hypnosis. But I probably could have done without the Wellbutrin.

Two hypnosis sessions a week apart. Plus, the hypnotist had me make some changes to my usual smoking habits two weeks before the first session. (Changing brands. Snipping the cigs in half. Smoking only in a place outside I didn't used to smoke before. That kind of thing - to begin changing the mindset.)

I experienced some big emotional changes for awhile. Mood swings, bouts of melancholia, etc.... But that's bottomed out lately. Gained a little weight - twenty extra pounds just kind of appeared unbeknownst. I figure I'll tackle losing the weight after my first anniversary as a non-smoker.

I still have cravings on occasion. But the problem is I know I won't get the same effect unless I re-addict myself. One cigarette will just get me sick. But re-addiction seems really f-cking stupid to me.
Frank Zappa used to call tobacco his "favorite vegetable" - I know how he felt. I liked smoking.
But the cost in every way just became too high.

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That’s curious. It’s about a month I started to non smoking.
I rely on laziness and snacks.
Anyway, back on typography resources:

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Two more lettering resources – both by Alain Ariail:

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