Typeface that looks good both highly letter-spaced and kerned for packaging

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Hope you're well.

Does anyone know of a typeface that looks good with alot of letterspacing (space between letters) and kerning (decreased space between letters)? And that also looks good on packaging.

Thanks so much!

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Are you looking for a serif or sans typeface? What kind of product do you have to package?

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Serif: Nicholas/Goodchild
Sans: Sense

Alternatively, you might mix a tightly-fitted proportionally spaced display “typewriter” style with a monowidth typewriter font for the open look. There is a good list of them at FontShop, IIRC.

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Trusty old Helvetica, especially in the lighter weights, can quite attractive if lovingly spaced by a discerning eye...

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Think a sans serif. It's for a Call For Entries Poster with a sports theme.

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