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An interesting alternative to the usual ball terminals.

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A slightly masculine vibe.

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But posting this everywhere is just being a dick.

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Pubescent, indeed.

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“ball terminals” Thank’s Nick. Another good laugh. You’re on a roll lately!

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That face has a lot of spunk.

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Nice one, but I think I’ll wait for the uncut version.

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Bet Eric Gill wishes he'd thought of that.

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Bet he did think of it.

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We should stiffen our opposition to these tawdry topics.

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Oh, don't be so cocky.

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Does this face get categorized as "wood type"?

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Suggested paper stock: Kleenex.

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Man of Steel, Woman of ...

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Is this the "Black" weight?

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Threads like this really prove that creativity comes in spurts.

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It would be a phallusy to say I find this attractive.

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Too prick-ly, true.

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Is this African typeface?

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No. Just lots of bad harbl.

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so, is this typeface publicly available, or is it for members only?

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