Do you know any fonts close to village's "calibre" (not "calibri")

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Hey Typophilers!

I received an email from a good friend of mine asking if I have a font called "Calibre" (totally different than Calibri). Since I don't have it, I was wondering if you guys can suggest very simular fonts.

Heres a screenshot of Calibre's specimen:

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Use the real thing - you'll be glad you did.


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Since you seem to be one of those people that ‘share’ their fonts with friends (a different form of benefits here…), and a lot of the advice givers here are professional type designers, you should prepare yourself for some scathing remarks and answers.

(Not from me, I don’t design type & and I pay for the fonts I use.)

oobimichael's picture has a good review on the Calibre typeface that should be helpful in your search... it would be useful to frame questions not only with "what is similar"... but also with: "the design intentions to fulfill". As an example, Calibre is in a similar genre as "signage" types such as FF Din and Interstate...

The Typographica article is here:


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