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I'm a student Graphic Designer who is pretty bad at typography, though I love it. I've tried to put the following layout together but it just looks very ordinary to me, the typography particularly, no life to it - any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Fonts in order are; House Slant, Gill Sans, and Cubano. (I don't know what the logo fonts are - just traced them)

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The first thing I see is the skeleton. Skeletons imply death. And this one doesn't look happy or strong at all - he looks like he's smirking or just drank something very bitter. The glass looks ghostly and unreal.

It's not until I've read all of the text that I see the 'strong bones'. But in real life I wouldn't have gotten that far. It's a good thing that the product name is small, so I might not have noticed it all; otherwise my impression would be negative.

Note that this has nothing at all to do with the typography. The skeleton is such an overwhelming presence that I didn't really think about the type. But looking at it separately, I see 6 different typefaces in eight sizes. "Good Strong Bones" looks crowded, and needs commas after Good and Strong to bring them together. The size difference makes BONES more important (i.e., louder) than Strong, which in turn is louder than Good.

- Herb

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Thanks for the comments HVB, I have a lot to learn - think I'll just ditch this particular idea and start working on something else.

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