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Please, help to ID font


Solex Black by Zuzanna? Let me check.

Block Gothic XB Cond is a pretty close match

It’s not quite Folio Bold Condensed, either, but it’s damned close. The T here is wider, and the weight is just a smidge thicker.

kinda, sorta … flyer bold condensed?

I don’t think so Tiff, the curves of the bowls on the Flyer Bold Condensed B are Futura-style and the cross-bar on the N is thinned out. We’re looking at much flatter curves.

Nope, it’s wider, and the B is less symmetric.

What about Fago Condensed Extra Bold?

“B” looks very different

Nah, the ink trap in the A is too pronounced, and the right hand side of the top bar of the T is slightly sloped.

What else could it be?

Thank you Yves

It looks contemporary, I don’t think it’s an “old” typeface. It’s very nice and solid, with an almost friendly feel to it.

Govan One looks less condensed, but I’m not sure. I’ve got the impression that it’s an Ole Sch

may be they just reduced horizontal scale of Solex?