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HELP! I can't figure out what this script font is!?!

Hi all,

Found this example by typographer genius Rob Clarke, but can't for the life of me find the native font online anywhere?!? Any help tracking this down would be GREATLY appreciated! I know it's not Metroscript, but....



I guess you have now to admit it is actually a custom lettering, as almost all his logo works. That's why he is a "typographer genius" ;)
For the rest, Metroscript could be considered as a good substitute. Here are some more, in the same vein: Gelato Script, Slim Tony, Candy Script/Sugar Pie/Hipster (and more Sudtipos), Bello, Santeli, Quayside, Streetscript, , Tartine, Masala, Milk Script, Asphalt, Jocham Italic (and many others by Hubert Jocham), Mikal/Ravel/Nabu (more Eurotypo)...