Announcement: Monokrom Type Foundry release

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It’s with great pleasure I’m finally able to make this announcement: Today (at noon, CET) we are launching our type foundry, Monokrom, and with it, the five typefaces Faunus, Satyr, Vinter (née Noir), Telefon and Aften Screen.

The full press release (mostly news material, but also a free Telefon sampler) is available at

Our website is here:

– Sindre, Hans Ivar and yours truly.

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Congratulations, friends! I’m very happy to see all your efforts and tireless work come to fruition. Best of success to you with this great selection of beautifully crafted faces.

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Thank you, Nina. And thank you for all your help and support, not to mention your otherworldly spacing and kerning work, greatly improving Satyr Roman and Italic.

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Congratulations! Lot of great looking work and a wide variety to come!

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Brilliant work! Keep it up!

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Fantastic congratulations! Well done with all the hard work!

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Thrilled to see this realized. Your opening offerings are among the most exciting typefaces I've seen in development in the last few years. Best of luck!

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Finally a new foundry of note. Best of luck!


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That website is damn goodlooking! And so are the fonts... Man, this is fingerlicking stuff :D

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Thank you, everyone! It is so good finally having released these typefaces. And I'd like to thank Typophile and some of the people here for everything, really. I wouldn't have been a type designer were it not for your invaluable advice and support.

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Congratulations! I had the pleasure of using a pre-release version of Vinter. Talk about a face that deserves to be set large and then admired...

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Congratulations! I had the pleasure of using a pre-release version of Vinter. Talk about a face that deserves to be set large and then admired...

Speaking of which: check your mail!

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Great typefaces and website. Satyr is my favorite and renders perfectly on my win7 Chrome.


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Really nice to see these fonts we typophiles have become so familiar with finally released. All the best for this exciting venture!

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Yes, hopefully a humbling experience for those who diss Typophile. Although I'm not holding my breath.


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Yes, it was nice to see the FontFeed piece, for one, link to Typophile.

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Congratulations to Frode and Sindre and and all other people involved. Good luck!

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Congratulations Frode,

However, when I try to go to the URL given in your post above, (either link), Firefox gives me:

This Connection is Untrusted uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for the following names: ,
The certificate expired on 9/12/2012 7:59 PM. The current time is 12/8/2012 6:14 PM.

(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

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Thanks for the notice. It’s not a security breach (the url belongs to our very talented developer, Michiel). It’s likely just an old SSL protocol. What OS are you running? It should be fixed now, btw.

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FWIW, my experience with the link is similar to charles_e's, but also different. I get a static page with no active links...

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Yes, thanks, it works now.

To answer your question, I am running Windows 7, but I don't think the OS alone was the issue. I could go to the site using Chrome, but not with Firefox.

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Nick: Is it David Berlow you are seeing?

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@OldNick - I just had a similar problem on lots of websites (but not all) using Firefox, including, now, Monokrome's. I went to Bugzilla and someone there suggested this, which works!

Press Ctrl-F5. This is a forced reload, and is different from the "Reload" on Firefox's menu bar. It fixes it for Monokrome and all the other sites I had a problem with.

- Herb

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Shift-reload does the same thing (probably).


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