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Navy blue porcelain New York street sign typeface?

Having trouble identifying the typeface used on these old signs, and the dates that they were in use. I could dig up a few conflicting dates, between early 1900's and into the 40's, but haven't found anything definite. Also, they were apparently printed white on Navy, and used in several neighborhoods in New York. I checked a couple type specimen books from the 1905-1915 era and got nothing. Any help identifying this typeface would be greatly appreciated!


Signage before the 1970s was primarily hand-painted, as these signs clearly were (compare the S's).

Thanks for the help, PublishingMojo!

Jim Parkinson's Modesto is the closest digital font you will find.

The second photo appears to show the lettering as slightly debossed, as if it had been stamped into the surface of the sign. Puzzling.

Thanks everyone for the alternate suggestions. This was very helpful.