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ID: Times New Roman like Font, different C and E

Trying to identify this typeface. Originally considered it as a possibility for Times New Roman, but the "E" and "C" are distinctly different. The rest of the letters are so close to Times New Roman though, so I was wondering if it's possibly a variant of.

Sign is from some outlet store at a mall.
Thank you fo any help you can give!


It looks like a collection of letters from different fonts, I don't know...
Just a better perspective:

Thanks for fixing the perspective. I'm stuck on this too, since all the other letters look exactly like Times New Roman.

Not sure, but I believe it's an off-the-shelf dimensional letter product for sign making, probably not related to any specific font as such. I've definitely seen that E before on other signs like this.

Oh wow, thank you so much.
I didn't think this store was so ambitious as to have someone modify or to select different typefaces to accommodate their sign.
Thanks again!