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I am creating a logo for an italian chef. The logo will be used in his CV and eventually in other brand identity projects.

The logo was developed on the basic foundation of a Bickham script, but adjusted and customized to meet the objectives of the client. It had been scaled down to a lighter overall solution, and particular focus had been given to make the edges and letter terminals more sharp than the original version in order to make it more modern looking. What do you think of it and how do you think it could be improved ?

Thank you for your attention

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Is it OK that it gives no idea of what he does for a living?


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It is ok, as he will be presenting CV's in person when applying for the job and will tell them straight away the position he intends to occupy. However, I developed an alternative version with a descriptive type which will come handy when the logo will, eventually, used on the web .

Here is it :

Let me know your thoughts about it

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Can't evaluate it as a logo without knowing more about the chef, his personality and style, and what qualities you're trying to communicate with it.

But one general thought is that it looks like a signature, but yet is clearly just typeset since it's so perfect and the letters that repeat (a, t) are identical each time. Perhaps more of a signature look would make it more personal and unique.

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Why make a logo where you have to be there in person to attenuate its shortcomings?

It would be nice (not to mention pretty much de rigueur) to have a logo that will work way beyond a job interview (where frankly a logo isn't that relevant, unless it's for a graphic designer).


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I think it could be a lot less generic

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Thank you all for your replies.

You have brought up in discussion some intresting arguments .

@ James: The client is an italian commis chef wants to communicate a stylish feeling to his image, as his cooking target is of high-class. He prepares stylish dishes and as a consequence w both agreed on a signature style logo, but didn't want to create a real signature. We wanted to convey only the essence of a signature style logo, that's the reason why some of the elements that you pointed out are the way they are. He said that the end work really reflects what he wanted to convey.

@hrant: I think I haven't expressed myself well enough. You are right, I wouldn't make a logo only for a CV, but at the moment the client don't want to invest in the creation of other branding/advertising services (website,business cards etc ... ), but the logo IS intended to work perfectly across ANY other communication project , both on print and on the web, and this is something I take in consideration with EVERY logo I design. This is the first step to build a more vast brand in a future occasion .

@Ratbaggy: Thank for your opinion, but exactly what do you mean by that ? What are the elements that in your opinion are generic and how would you improve it ?

Again, every feed is welcomed !

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