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A complementary partner for Excelsior

Hi all you type experts,

I am new to this forum and first time posting.

I am working on a manual and some advertisements. I would like to use Excelsior for both body text and headline. I need to find Excelsior a good partner to dance with (hopefully one that can do headlines and body text as well) and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

Right now I have Franklin Gothic as its partner. I think the colors complement each other. But Franklin Gothic is narrower in width making it seem a bit condensed when set next to Excelsior.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!



Excelsior, the old newspaper font?


{With two key spam posts removed the below no longer makes sense. What a loss.}

BTW I guess if you use "partner" in your title it means you need medical treatment and you're an art lover.


yes, the old newspaper font.

News Gothic?

I'm not seeing Excelsior as a suitable choice here (especially not for headlines) or really anything these days.

I'm sure people can recommend a much better, contemporary rendering of that style.


Hmm......going to see how it pairs with New Gothic. Thanks for the suggestion!

The Excelsior I am speaking about is a digital rendition done by Linotype. I originally wanted to use the Arnhem but its too expensive. So the closest one I came across that has a few similar characteristics to Arnhem is Excelsior which so happen it is something the client already owns.

Being that Arnhem is my first choice does anyone have any recommendation on another font that is closest to it?

Mmm... maybe Glosa, or Mercury


Thank you Pablolmpallari. I checked out Glosa. Its lovely. Mercury is always nice. Hope client will like Glosa.