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Finnish Donald Duck comics (Aku Ankka) balloon fonts

I'm trying to identify different typefaces used in the Finnish Aku Ankka magazine throughout the years and since the scans I found are rather dodgy I'm in need of a helping hand.

From 1951 to beginning of 1961. An italic typeface with characteristics from Gill Sans and Futura. All-caps.

Early 1960´s:
Upparcase/lowercase style introduced, some resemblence to Futura again.

Thank you in advance!



Both samples appear to illustrate different weights of W. A. Dwiggins' Metro, designed for Linotype.

EDIT: Now, I'm not so sure, since the J going below the line in the all-caps italic sample does not seem to be characteristic of Metro, even though that face still does look similar.

John is probably right; cheap, new and improved version here...


Hey! Thank you both!

Metro really seems to be really close to what I'm after here. Will examine further and get back with the findings!