Text face to go with Felix Titling

Can anyone recommend good serif and sans serif text faces to use with Felix Titling?

This is an identity project for an historical society & museum. It looks like Felix Titling will be used at display in the mark. I have tried to find a similar face that would work at both display and text sizes-- I've looked at H&FJ Requiem and also Throhand, but their serifs are too fussy at display size. I've also looked at Bembo, but the caps are too heavy at display size.

I'll also need a sans serif, and am looking at H&FJ Verlag--I think this will work well but am open to other suggestions.

Thank you!

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Pablo Impallari's Quattrocento would be ideal, IMHO; plus, it's available in both serif and sans.


Although all versions are free, a generous donation is recommended: Pablo's gotta eat, y'know...

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No need to recommend a free font in such cases - you'll get better quality when you pay, and Mary seems willing to do so...


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With all due respect, I did mention a generous donation. I donated $50.00 to Pablo because I thought his effort was worth at least that much, and--honestly, cheap bastard that I am--probably a whole lot more…

Just sayin’…

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Something with “glyphic” serifs perhaps, like Beaufort or Starling (“Times”).

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