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Old Font from 1700s

Hi, this is a scanned page from Isaac Ware's 1738 translation of Palladio's Four Books on Architecture . I'm sorry for the low quality, I have pictures with higher quality but the file size is huge, and the book itself has deteriorated somewhat. The typography is beautiful so I was planning on reproducing some of this stuff with LaTeX. It would be great if someone can ID the font for me. Thanks!


I am virtually certain the font is Caslon as originally designed by William Caslon.

If a comparison doesn't verify that, upload just one paragraph from your high resolution copy; that should be small enough and would be a big help.

Thank you for your response. I have attached a line from the book as well as the reproduction in LaTeX using Adobe Caslon Pro. I'm pretty sure it's the right font but would just like a confirmation. Thanks.


The Adobe Caslon would be a great choice because it is a well-done interpretation of Caslon's original work.

What I meant was can you confirm the book was indeed typeset in Caslon from the higher resolution picture I uploaded? Thanks.

While not a great many glyphs to compare to, from what I see I am virtually sure it is Caslon.

Thank you very much.