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rebel sports font

Hi can anyone help e with this font. Looks like helvetica black with customized 'e's but I'm sure it must be a font.

Thanks very much!


"rebel" & "be" must be http://Gotham (Black) by Hoefler+Frere Jones
"Fly into this festive season" looks also close to http://Gotham Medium

I found them using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Strange, at first sight, it looks like Gotham but, after further inspection, that's definitely not it for "Fly into this festive season/unique". /q is totally off, /f and /t look different too... May be a custom version of Gotham or a mix of 2 different types ("rebel/be" and "Fly into this festive season/unique")... What's the sample origin?