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Type in a Tim Tebow Poster

Does anyone know what the typeface is in this poster?
No judgements. :) This is for a class project.



Sorry, it's not blurry enough. I can still almost see the New York Jets' Logo. As is your question. You ask about "The Typeface used ... " when there are at least four different faces whose existence is hinted at by the fog.

The Hoefler/Frere-Jones foundry created the proprietary font used for the Jets logo, remarkably named "JetsBold".

- Herb

Hey Herb. Thanks for the reply. Think you didn't scroll to the right. Didn't mean the ones blurry in the background. Only the clear one in the foreground. The image was a bit too big.

If you're talking about the sans on the right for "I LOVE TIM TEBOW", it should be Ostrich Sans Rounded.

Thanks Ryuk!

" … didn't scroll to the right ... "
You're absolutely right!
- Herb

I'm sure he was speaking of the non-blurry letters, and the first response was just chiding him in jest for not being specific.

As for the OP's comment, I feel no need to judge Tim Tebow for his personal faith.

I might judge Katy Perry's relatives for suggesting him to her as a possible marriage partner, after her marriage to Russell Brand broke up over him wanting her to abandon her career to have kids - she would naturally fear that a man of such demonstrative faith would also have traditional attitudes to a woman's role - but that's their problem, not his.