Spacing change.

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Hi there!

I'm working on a 120 page catalogue at the moment. Now, the client asked me to replace one of their house fonts (containing all their icons and numbers etc) with a newer version. Unfortunately all the spaces (as in hit the spacebar spaces) have changed. I was wondering if this might be a problem re-exporting the fonts as otf or did someone manually change the space?

Hope this makes sense.


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It's more likely that someone didn't change the default space width, which is normally 500 em units. As a rule, I normally set my space width to match that of an uppercase /I/ with a little extra added...

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Thanks Oldnick
Just to clarify (as I don't know how a font is built), the default space is its own character when you create a font? Or is it defined in the settings of the font file?

Thanks for your help

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Yes, it is a own character with a determined width.

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Thank you guys!

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