Does anyone know the logo used in the Starmatic Logo?

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Hey guys and gals,

I am looking for the name of the font used in the Starmatic App Logo.

thx a lot

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2 possibilities to me but both need customization:
- start from some Corvinus Skyline of your choice (mainly to get right /S and /C), remove all serifs, customize /R from /P and add an outline stroke to make it "hollow"
- start from some Radiant Condensed Bold (RR's, ICG's, MT's or CT's), keep everything except /S and /C, rework /S and /C to make them "à-la-Corvinus" and add an outline stroke to make it "hollow"

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Closer to start, but still needs help: Harvey, Thomas E/Cindybob Normal

Much like: IBS -Future Corporation/Ceremonious

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