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StudioNova logo redesign

This redesign is for a dinnerware company that’s been around for about 25 years. The product selection runs the gamit from “grandma”-type patterns and glassware with dated-looking flowery designs to square-shaped dishes with more modern flair. They want to change their look to be more “hip” and “youthful” and get rid of all the old-style products. The parent company is conservative and they don’t want wacky typefaces and electronic looking graphics.

The existing logo is the thin one. I think the typeface is AVANT GARDE. The powers that be felt that the thin type disappears when the logo is placed onto photography and also no one likes it…hence, this redesign.

It’s new “brand personality” is as follows:
“The bold alternative brand that fits the changing lifestyles of each new generation”.

I’m not sure what that means, but this is a new direction that they want this brand to be. So they gave it some brand values: “bold”; “savvy”; “edgy”, “challenging the status quo” and “affirming one’s originality”. I didn’t come up with this.

I, personally, didn’t want to stray too far from it’s original look. (Keeping in mind the Mandarina Duck redesign, K-Mart and the more recent, Sears. I used a combination of FUTURA BOLD and AVANT GARDE BOLD.
Anyhow, here are some idea for you guys and gals to pick apart.


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i don’t like 1, 2 or 3 where the NOVA is below Studio. i think it would be best to keep it horizontal, on one line. the ones with the large circle seem to be calling for too much attention and i’m not diggin it. number 4 is the best to me, but it’s not perfect yet, and maybe it could use another element of some sort. maybe a single extra color.

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The old logo looks 25 years old. Very experimental ITC looking. Problem is it doesn’t read. I totally agree with Loren. Think about one application you mentioned, etching the logo legiblity in glass. I kind of like 5, but with these changes. Make NOVA bold, make studio either smaller or medium weight and not italic. I’d also open up the letter spacing. I personally don’t think the word studio is as important as NOVA and would reflect that in the new mark.

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I prefer #4. Most of these say TV studio or movie studio to me, but that may be the word ‘studio’ more than anything else. Have you considered putting the joined ‘VA’ back in the logo? The joined characters seems like a big part of the old logo.

However, I’m not sure you’re ever going to fit their new brand concepts with straight Futura or Avant Garde. It might help to find a typeface that has geometric construction, but isn’t as common/dated. Emigre might be a good place to start looking for funkier, ‘edgier’ geometric fonts. They may not be 100% fresh, but they’re much newer, younger and edgier than Futura.

Also, a sample search onMyFonts can be great for logotypes.