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I used to be able to switch between windows by using cmd+<. I just reinstalled FL vers. 5.1.3 and now I can't do this anymore and I can't find anything to configure in the customize panel. Any clue anyone?

Thanks and regards

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try ctrl + tab

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Thank you Ryan - how did you find that? I've been looking for current FL KB shortcuts and never saw that one.
- Herb

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I believe this is common to all Windows programs. FL probably has it filed under "stuff you should know already," lol

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Another great one I use all the time: [Windows button] + D

This will minimize all windows and programs you have open and show the desktop

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Thanks for the replies! Maybe I should have added: I am working on a mac. This doesn't work for me. The cmd+< was always perfect - but now???

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Does Cmd+` work?

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I'm on a Mac and use
Needs a little customization of the preferences in order to work well with FontLab, but it's great once you have it working as you like.

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