African diacritics

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I'm looking for a book text font that has a complete set of African diacritics. Any ideas?

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'African diacritics'? Do you need a font that supports every written language in Africa? Do you know what diacritics are needed? You might look at Victor Gaultney/SIL's Gentium project.

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There is more than African in this list, (Vietnamese for one) but it is a starting point. that I have found useful.

Acaron acaron Icaron icaron Ocaron ocaron Ucaron ucaron Udieresismacron udieresismacron
Udieresisacute udieresisacute Udieresiscaron udieresiscaron Udieresisgrave udieresisgrave
Ahookabove Acircumflexacute acircumflexacute Acircumflexgrave acircumflexgrave
Acircumflexhookabove acircumflexhookabove Acircumflextilde acircumflextilde
Acircumflexdotbelow Abreveacute abreveacute Abrevegrave abrevegrave Abrevehookabove
abrevehookabove Abrevetilde abrevetilde Abrevedotbelow Ehookabove Etilde Ecircumflexacute
ecircumflexacute Ecircumflexgrave ecircumflexgrave Ecircumflexhookabove
ecircumflexhookabove Ecircumflextilde ecircumflextilde Ecircumflexdotbelow Ihookabove
Ohookabove Ocircumflexacute ocircumflexacute Ocircumflexgrave ocircumflexgrave
Ocircumflexhookabove ocircumflexhookabove Ocircumflextilde ocircumflextilde
Ocircumflexdotbelow Ohornacute ohornacute Ohorngrave ohorngrave Ohornhookabove
ohornhookabove Ohorntilde ohorntilde Uhookabove Uhornacute Uhorngrave Uhornhookabove
Uhorntilde Yhookabove Ytilde hook dotbelowcomb uni1EA0 uni1EA1 uni1EA3 uni1EAD uni1EB7
uni1EB8 uni1EB9 uni1EBB uni1EBD uni1EC7 uni1EC9 uni1ECA uni1ECB uni1ECC uni1ECD uni1ECF
uni1ED9 uni1EE2 uni1EE3 uni1EE4 uni1EE5 uni1EE7 uni1EE9 uni1EEB uni1EED uni1EEF uni1EF0
uni1EF1 uni1EF4 uni1EF5 uni1EF7 uni1EF9 uni02C0 Bhook Oopen Chook chook Dafrican Dhook
Dtopbar Ereversed Schwa Eopen Fhook Ghook Gammaafrican hv Iotaafrican Ibar Khook khook
Nhook Phook phook Esh Thook thook Tretroflexhook Upsilonafrican Vhook Yhook yhook Zbar
zbar Ezh clickdental clicklateral clickalveolar clickretroflex eturn uni022E uni022F
ascript bhook oopen drthook dhook schwa eopen eopenreversed ghook gammalatinsmall hhook
ibar iotaafrican mhook nhookleft OEsmallcap uni027E uni0283 uni0288 uni0289 upsilonafrican
uni028B uni028C zretroflexhook uni0292 uni0294 uni0295 uni0296 uni0298 uni02A7 uni02BC
uni02C0.001 uni02C9.001 uni0315 uni0322 cedillacomb uni0335 uni1E04 uni1E05 uni1E0C
uni1E0D uni1E0E uni1E0F uni1E18 uni1E19 uni1E24 uni1E25 uni1E36 uni1E37 Macute uni1E3F
uni1E44 uni1E45 uni1E46 uni1E47 uni1E48 uni1E49 uni1E54 uni1E55 uni1E62 uni1E63 uni1E6C
uni1E6D uni1E6E uni1E6F uni1E76 uni1E77 uni1E92 uni1E93 fhook.alt01 macronundercomb
circumflexundercomb M.alt01 P.alt01 Acedilla Acircumflexunder Amacronunder Emacronunder
Gtilde Icedilla Icircumflexunder Mgrave Ngrave Nmacron Ocircumflexunder Omacronunder
Sbreve Ucedilla Zbreve Zretroflexhook acedilla acircumflexunder amacronunder emacronunder
gtilde icedilla icircumflexunder mgrave ngrave nmacron ocircumflexunder omacronunder
sbreve ucedilla zbreve Enggrave Engacute enggrave engacute Oopengrave Oopenacute
Oopencircumflex Oopentilde Oopenmacron Oopencaron Eopengrave Eopenacute Eopencircumflex
Eopentilde Eopenmacron Eopencaron Iotaafricangrave Iotaafricanacute Iotaafricancircumflex
Upsilonafricangrave Upsilonafricanacute Upsilonafricancircumflex oopengrave oopenacute
oopencircumflex oopentilde oopenmacron oopencaron eopengrave eopenacute eopencircumflex
eopentilde eopenmacron eopencaron iotaafricangrave iotaafricanacute iotaafricancircumflex
upsilonafricangrave upsilonafricanacute upsilonafricancircumflex Egravedotbelow
Eacutedotbelow Ecarondotbelow egravedotbelow eacutedotbelow ecarondotbelow Ogravedotbelow
Oacutedotbelow Ocarondotbelow ogravedotbelow oacutedotbelow ocarondotbelow
Egravemacronunder Eacutemacronunder Iacutecedilla Icircumflexcedilla Icaroncedilla
Ogravemacronunder Oacutemacronunder Uacutecedilla Ucircumflexcedilla egravemacronunder
eacutemacronunder iacutecedilla icircumflexcedilla icaroncedilla ogravemacronunder
oacutemacronunder uacutecedilla ucircumflexcedilla Iotaafrican.alt01 Eng.alt01 Oopen.alt01
Eopen.alt01 Upsilonafrican.alt01 cedilla.alt02 vlinebelow Elinebelow Egravelinebelow
Eacutelinebelow elinebelow egravelinebelow eacutelinebelow Olinebelow Ogravelinebelow
Oacutelinebelow olinebelow ogravelinebelow oacutelinebelow Slinebelow slinebelow

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This is a good place to start:

See also

and the slides of the presentation I made for Microsoft on the pan-African glyph set for their UI fonts (this is an over-exhaustive set, which includes some possible variant encodings and shapes for unstable orthographies and different nasalisation options):

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Thanks James, John, I have been mindful of needing a resource and some references along these lines for a while.

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