I need help to identify a few fonts, thank you a lot

I have a big assignment for school and I've decided to display my work in a fake magazine (I don't know if it makes any sense). I've chosen to take CLASH magazine as an inspiration for page settings but I have some trouble identifying the fonts they use and I'd really like to use the same since I think they look very good.
I'm posting a few pages, if you know the name of any font on it, please tell me (I don't care about the logo, though)
Sorry, I guess most of them must be quite obvious, but I don't know a lot about fonts.


Probably all bespoke typefaces, at least masthead and headlines.
For "CLASH" masthead, I'd probably start with [[http://commercialtype.com/typefaces/graphik/super|Graphik Super]] recreating /C with a middle right cut /O.
For the headlines, it's either all from scratch or they could have start from some slab-serif condensed, elongated it, rework/remove some serifs and add some elements (strokes, double bars...) to give some contemporary feeling to it. If you like this kind of fonts, have a look to [[http://tendollarfonts.com/|Ten Dollar Fonts]].
According to this [[http://www.typophile.com/node/92952|previous discussion]], body text could be [[http://www.typography.com/fonts/font_overview.php?productLineID=100017|Mercury Text]] but hard to say at this size.

Thank you very much, this helps a lot. Sorry for the bad resolution of the pictures, it's the best I could find.