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a friend of mine is a seamstress and, when she gave me her busines card, I thought that she needs a logo. The business card is in one of those default styles of an online company that makes business cards. Since I am not an expert and can not afford to hire one, I took a typeface that I like (Mercury Script), tweaked a little bit and added a needle. I am not sure about those four dots but they were in the font...

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nice story. thanks for sharing.

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Nice work. I would eliminate the four dots. Maybe refine the area where the /A swash comes close to the /d.

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I like it. I agree with Luma Vine about eliminating the dots.

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I would also eliminate the dots!

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What if, as an alternative to the dots, the "thread" at the bottom were sewn (straight stitched) into the negative space? That way you would get a similar texture/pattern that was more relevant.

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Nice work, I like your concept.

The guys here are on the right track, with a little refinement it will go from great to amazing.
The typeface in its current state is a little confusing and can look as if the seamstress doesn't know what she's doing and is knotting the thread. Movement is perfect in this instance but how about reducing the amount of doubling over the 'thread' does. Simplify it a little and maybe run the thread parallel with the bottom of the logo.
Incorporate Plume's idea of 'stitching' it in with some negative space, four should do it.
Definitely remove those dots.

Post up any refinements you make, I'd love to see what you come up with.

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