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Art deco building signage from 1920s-30s Philippines

Hi guys, this has gotten me stumped and I thought I'd turn to the experts for some help. I would be happy with something that's just close and isn't exact, but that triangular capital A is something I've never seen before in a typeface like this.

The subject says it all: this is from a photo presumably taken in Manila some time before the building got damaged in a fire in 1931.

I'm hoping you could help me out! Thanks.


You may like to try Dogma (Bold) by Emigree or something like http://Linotype Marcu San which is somewhat closer to that triangular |A|

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Much appreciated, fvilanakis! I'm also still digging around, hoping to find something closer. I'll also post my findings here if I discover anything.