Yudh UK/Khalsa Panth - Abaddon/???

Hello People lets see if someone else can beat Yves Peters to identify these fonts! ;’))

I need to know what Font is used on YUDH UK here

and Khalsa Panth Akhara



YUDH UK looks like a modified Abaddon (Scriptorium)

Oy! Yes, you Mr. McMillan! What’s this all about!?!

Cheers For the ident Sander de Voogt!

Anyone any idea for Khalsa Panth?

Yves you always seem to answer my posts just seeing if anyone could beat you to it!

Heh heh heh. :-)

Well, the geometry of the typeface used for the Kalsa Panth
logo makes me believe it’s either the outline version of a
system font that originally was bitmap based, or an amateur
design. Does anyone know a condensed sans serif system
font for Windows that looks like that?

I think that K wants to dance with you.

Nothing on the regular freeware fonts websites. :-(

Anyone else has an idea?

Usually when we run into a wall like this, it’s because it’s a custom design (not likely in this case), it’s an obscure freeware font that even Mike F doesn’t know, or it’s not a single font. That would explain why the K is so wide compared to the other letters.

For example, I could use the H, A, L, S, P, T and R from Chalet Comprime (incl. alternates), the K and N from Neutraface or Futura (with some N squeezing) and I could re-create it. The Neutraface option keeps it all in one foundry, but Futura is widespread.

I know you guys/gals could think of other fonts that would supply the necessary letters.

Sometimes the answer might be in thinking ‘outside the font folder’, so to speak. I know many of you are gagging right now. Sorry.

You could get quite close with Base Twelve.

- Lex