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What is this Font?

Hi everyone again ;) Who knows what is this font?


It must be the result of "double exposure" + other effects on http://Polonaise by Phil Martin (URW++)

You may also like Heathen by Patrick Griffin (Canada Type, 2005) - based on Polonaise.

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Good call Steve!
I missed the obvious, I haven't tried to match the "M" including the "splatter" ;)

Thanks Renaissance Man !

You're welcome. It's about time that I got an ID first. It was nice to learn it's based on Polonaise. Thanks!

The font reminded of Porcelain by Misprinted Type - Eduardo Recife and Ink In The Meat by Billy Argel, so I looked at their fonts.

BTW, no numbers or punctuation in most free Billy Argel fonts.

Most likely a case of outline theft.
Please do not recommend or use.


Is a derivative work "outline theft"? As of this post, Ginga has been downloaded 1,556,558 times. That doesn't prove or connote anything. But would any of those have substituted Ginga for Polonaise? I don't think so. This is not the same (IMHO) as piracy or outright theft.

Go ahead and make the argument that Billy Argel should have paid royalties or a licensing fee. Or is that the subject of another thread?

would any of those have substituted Ginga for Polonaise?

That's a very strong argument - in fact one I've used before myself. And to me pragmatism is more often than not a breath of fresh air.

But the bottom line is that secretly profiting (which doesn't have to be monetary) from somebody else's work is simply not OK. At the very least you have to give credit; maybe even get an OK from the original designer, if possible. Whether you stand on the shoulders of dead or living people, admit it and be prepared to share the windfall. It's not about submission, it's about being fair. For example if the original designer is an unreasonable nut-job, to hell with him.

Consider the "moral erosion" this sort of thing does to the craft - in the long term affecting users too. Behavior is contagious! Let's behave well.


This is apropos of "outline theft" (or not) but in regard to the font Bleeding Cowboys, taken from the comments section at dafont:

Kodoichi 10-28-2010
I didn't know this font is just a modification of "Oklahoma" by Harold's Fonts. Last Soundtrack, the creator, just lost my appreciation for his creation. What an ass.

Gyom Séguin author of Bleeding Cowboys 10-29-2010
@ Kodoichi: I always told people that I based myself on Oklahoma (a free font) to create this one. Every designer has influences. This font is just a revised version of his font. BTW, writing that I am an ass as a comment makes you look really smart, congrats!