Please help ID this font!!!!!

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I have tried for hours to find this on the net, but no luck....

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Any help much appreciated.

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(Very) close to some Emily Conners' fonts. May be one of them using some alternates (Bombshell Pro)?
More suggestions and related topics:,,

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Thanks Ryku, your suggestions are close! This is from a wine list and I managed to ID the other font in the list (not shown) which was Trajan Pro. Still stuck on this, but I have been told it must be a mainstream font.

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Geswein, Kimberly/Janda Stylish Script

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DPape thank you so much! I have posted on other forums and font suggestions were not even close. Some suggested it was not a real font. You have given me the exact font!!!! It was not even a mainstream font, you are amazing!

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