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I've been developing this typeface for the past month, and I've got to a point where I'm feeling kind of blocked, so I thought it would be a good idea to come here for some help. I'm happy with the lowercase, although I'm sure you'll find lots of problems with it (problems which I'd be more than happy correcting, by the way), the main issue I'm having is with the uppercase; due to its geometric construction some letters (E,F,I,T,L,H mainly) aren't quite fitting with the curviness of the other ones.
I've made a really quick pdf with the first sentences that came to mind (feel free to ask for more material if you need it for a better judgement!), and I'd be really glad to hear the criticism of better trained eyes (and hands).

Thanks in advance!

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It appears to me that the very idea of that design is not yet mature for realisation.

Put it aside for some time… grant yourself a rest.

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Well... that's basically what I've been doing, although lately my thoughts have gone into forgetting about the uppercase and making it just a lowercase font

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I like it! Some great shapes in there. And I don't see anything essentially wrong with it.

The caps though need more thought - I think you might be trying too hard there. And some of the whitespaces (like between the "um") are pretty bad - try to break those up.

Some specifics:
- The top of the "f" is malformed.
- Maybe the tittles should be flat ovals?
- Try a Koch-style "g".
- The "r" is too stiff.
- The "t" is too narrow.
- I don't think the "z" is in character. Maybe descend it.
- Could you curve the tail of the "Q" gently downward instead?


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Thanks hrant! I'll work on those suggestions and let you see it as soon as I'm done!

I know the uppercase neep a lot of work, and that was the main reason I came here... but I'm still a bit lost with them, right now the direction that seems best is making them more geometrical, which might make them not that cool when using along with the lowercase but can make them look alright amongst each other.

Anyway, thanks a lot again!

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I redid the uppercase, based on a more geometric construction, and it turned out better. The only problems are still with the diagonals (VWXY) and the way they match their lowercase versions. I've turned some straight angles into curves, and it helped a bit, but I'm not sure if that's the way to go

I've adjusted the 't' and the 'f'. I've did a few changes to the 'r', and even made an alternate version, but I'm having mixed feelings about it. Also, the koch-style 'g' turned out great!

Anyway, thanks a lot for the tips!

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The baseline looks wobbly to me; I'd reduce the overshoot of the round-bottomed letters. Or is that intentional?

I'm not so fond of the deep cut under the ear of the |g|, it looks traumatic.

I prefer the |r| with the rectangular terminal.

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That "g" is a baby-face! :-)
But Christian might be right about the cut.

The counters of "O"/"o" are too small.

The UC is much better, but it still needs work. And I still worry about the "Q" being too stylized.

The overshoot amount (and some other things too BTW) depends on what point size you're shooting for.


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