Nice BBC news item about woman who can write different texts simultaneously with each hand

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I wonder if all ambidextrous people have such a latent ability.

And notice something else: she's constantly looking at both texts - reinforcing the view that writing rotated text (like when lefties are forced to emulate the right-hand broad-nib model) is bad for you.


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The Lubalin book mentions that he could sign cheques with one hand while sketching thumbnails with the other.

But writing in two different languages: that's serious brain power.

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Baden Powell was known for drawing with one hand while colouring with the other. He was quite an accomplished illustrator with line drawing and watercolours.

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I can write with one hand, while picking my nose with the other.
That’s about it!

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"I wonder if all ambidextrous people have such a latent ability."

I wonder why all people don't realize they each have some such latent ability. If I had not already done so, I'd make this the year of the other hand, just to see what does work.:)

Happy holidays!

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C'mon, she's a cyborg.

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