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Hello, looking for this font to make a gift!

Hiya! Im looking for this font in order to make a present for someone for the holidays. I was wondering if you folks had any ideas! Ive tried using identification tools to no avail.

I also have to be careful because the person Im making it for is a Font nut and may lurk as various font forums :D


this is the image of the font I am looking for. Any help would be amazing and I would be very greatful. Thank you!


I don't recognize this one, but Youngblood is similar - and maybe prettier (which is subjective of course).

That one looks very close. Ill type up what i have and compare the two side by side. I dont need a super exact font, just something very close :D

Thank you!

If you're looking for a font (or fonts) in order to make a present for someone for the holidays, just ask me for my wish list.

While quite a bit different and somewhat less affectacious (IMHO), you could try Sloop Script One.