blackletter font for Black Metal band

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I would like to know the fonts used for these pictures and the font used in the video if anyone can identify any of them. thank you!

It's got a pretty aggressive beginning, so if you're not a metalhead, I suggest you simply mute your computer . . .

these pictures, as well

I have reason to believe that the fonts were not custom-made for the bands. These guys are not too popular, so I doubt they would hire someone to give them their own unique font.

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The font used in the first picture is Rudolf Koch's "Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift" (or "Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch", as it is usually referred to nowadays), possibly one of the finest blackletters ever designed. I have no idea of the fonts used in the video and the second picture, although IMHO they do not deserve much attention.

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thank you! I guess that means it comes at a price, eh? X__X

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Not really. You can find a few affordable options at You might also have a look at G. Helzel's (tons of blackletters, although especially intended for writing in German). And perhaps you might find something interesting in my own site.


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Yes, when quality is free, watch your back.


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Those are the moments in which I would make Hrant president! :-)

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