Bruce Mau's "¡GUATEAMALA!" Typeface?

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Hello Typophilers,

I was wondering if you guys can help me identify Bruce Mau's "¡GUATEAMALA!" project typeface.

Typeface below:


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Previously asked but still unresolved.
Not sure it is a commercial typeface, more a bespoke typeface exclusively done for this project. Only top finials are rounded and don't know any typeface like this one. It looks like a variation on Alternate Gothic: top half part manually rounded and some finials reworked. Your best chance is probably to ask directly Bruce Mau.
More "need-to-be-bottom-half-de-rounded" (and some letters to be redrawn, mainly /R) in the same vein: Ultramagnetic, Brauer Neue, Hector Rounded
More "need-to-be-top-half-rounded" in the same vein: Prismatic 4 Base, Tes, Sugo, Duotone, Hector

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Hi Ken -
I'm a currently a creative director at Bruce Mau Design. I wasn't part of the team on this project but do know that it was in fact a bespoke typeface specifically drawn for ¡Guateamala! It was a combination of faces bred together (although Alternate Gothic looks like it would have worked well too!). Hope that helps...

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Laura, it seems like this was derived from pre-existing fonts. Is that the case?


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