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Kraken Rum font, what it is ?


Great forum, thank you.
Today I need your help beacause I don't find the font Kraken Rum or a similar font.


I'm interesting by A or N or others which stay sharp in bold.

Thank you very much for your help

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It' not:
Gotham, Neutraface, Avenir (in the word KRAKEN)

Can't be 100% positive but could be http://CityOf by RailFonts.
BTW, "BLACK SPICED RUM" looks like Gotham and "The" Bickham Script.

Thank you very much for your quick answers.

Neutraface and City of font are 2 very good solutions.
I dont search exactly the same, the 2 are perfect and I will try it.

And I will may be try Bickham Script for the second font.

Thanks again

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