need help to identify some some fonts made from neon

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I need a few fonts to be identified for a school project.

Thought that maybe some of you guys would find it a cool challenge to identify some of them since they are in neon :)

Thanks in adcance!

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some help would really be appreciated since I'm kinda in a hurry :(


(edit: sorry, I just found out that I need to have more patience)

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There are fonts having this "neon feeling" but the reverse is not usually true: The majority of neon signs are not actually based on existing fonts, mostly due to technical and construction restrictions.
Having this in mind, you might like the following similar fonts:

#2 : "Cocktails" (
TGL 0-16 by Peter Wiegel
Lonsdale by Ray Larabie (Typodermic)

#4 : "MACAU" (
Saloon Girl by Michael Hagemann (FontMesa, 2004)

#7: "Erotic Museum" (
Savoye Std by Alan Meeks (ITC, Linotype, Letraset)
CAC Pinafore

#8 "ARCADE" (
Helvetica Rounded Black

I found them using Find my Font -

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#1 "NA": you can try Futura.
#2 "Cocktails: could be Santa Fe, adding also to suggestions Kaufmann/Swing
#4 "MACAU": adding to Saloon Girl Quadrille 2 and URW Wood Type
#5 "GUADALUPE": possibly Old Towne/Figaro. More: Horseplay, Gans Italiana, Kyhota One, Showguide, Cowboys
#7 "Frusco Inn": you can try Helvetica Condensed Light or Univers Condensed
#8 "ARCADE": I'd prefer Helvetica Black to Helvetica Rounded Black

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Happy New Year and thanks a lot for the help guys!

Two fonts I would still like to identify are these 2:

Thanks in advance :)

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anyone plz?

it's the last 2 I'm going to need!

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The "grasshopper" is similar to Commercial Script by Morris Fuller Benton (1906)

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It's actually quite exactly the same.

What about the other one?

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pls guys

help me

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