Great Retro yet Modern stylish fonts

I'm looking for the fonts used in this card, (especially the ampersand "&" and the word "The".

I want to make a wedding invitation as well, with a similar feel.
It 's a little retro, but not tooo much. It's romantic but not tacky and minimalist but not too artsy.

So I really like this, though I do not want to copy it... I just like the way it feels,
The names of the fonts would be great.. but if you have any idea's on how I could obtain a similar look, that would be great !

Thanks a bunch !


I can see [[|Neutraface]], [[|Wisdom Script]] ("July" on left) and [[|Caslon Italic]] (ampersand).

Thank you ! I'm familiar with Wisdom Script, but I couldn't guess it was that font.
Do you know any other sites like lost-type co-op while we're at it :)

Thanks again

The script font is Lavanderia, also from Lost Type.

Yeah, that looks more like it :)
About the ampersand: it is a little bit more elegant though, I've got a crappy pic, but you'll see there's more space in the middle curl

well I guess my pictures don't show somehow :s

Was wrong for the script and Jan is correct, it's Lavanderia and not Wisdom Script. For "BLACK CANYON INN" [[|Alternate Gothic No3]] (which is probably different from "ALAN BURTON").
"6" is some sort of [[|Didone]]. Some suggestions: [[|Eloquent]], [[|Pistilli Roman]]
"THE CHILDREN'S STAMP OF APPROVAL": some [[|Blair]]/[[|Engravers Gothic]] should work

Thank you guys so much !

If any other suggestions pop into mind, like sites similar to "lost type co-op" please let me know,
I tend to always go back to that site, 'cause I love it so much, but there aren't a lot of fonts on there

Another Ampersand: Christian Schwartz
Font Bureau-CS/FarnhamText-BoldItal

I also really like the ornaments and little graphic details... is there a font for those kind of things ?

I like [[|Astype Ornaments]], very stylish.
More ornaments: