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Great Retro yet Modern stylish fonts

I'm looking for the fonts used in this card, (especially the ampersand "&" and the word "The".

I want to make a wedding invitation as well, with a similar feel.
It 's a little retro, but not tooo much. It's romantic but not tacky and minimalist but not too artsy.

So I really like this, though I do not want to copy it... I just like the way it feels,
The names of the fonts would be great.. but if you have any idea's on how I could obtain a similar look, that would be great !

Thanks a bunch !


I can see Neutraface, http://Wisdom Script ("July" on left) and Caslon Italic (ampersand).

Thank you ! I'm familiar with Wisdom Script, but I couldn't guess it was that font.
Do you know any other sites like lost-type co-op while we're at it :)

Thanks again

The script font is Lavanderia, also from Lost Type.


Yeah, that looks more like it :)
About the ampersand: it is a little bit more elegant though, I've got a crappy pic, but you'll see there's more space in the middle curl

well I guess my pictures don't show somehow :s

Was wrong for the script and Jan is correct, it's Lavanderia and not Wisdom Script. For "BLACK CANYON INN" Alternate Gothic No3 (which is probably different from "ALAN BURTON").
"6" is some sort of Didone. Some suggestions: Eloquent, Pistilli Roman
"THE CHILDREN'S STAMP OF APPROVAL": some Blair/Engravers Gothic should work

Thank you guys so much !

If any other suggestions pop into mind, like sites similar to "lost type co-op" please let me know,
I tend to always go back to that site, 'cause I love it so much, but there aren't a lot of fonts on there

Another Ampersand: Christian Schwartz
Font Bureau-CS/FarnhamText-BoldItal

I also really like the ornaments and little graphic details... is there a font for those kind of things ?

I like Astype Ornaments, very stylish.
More ornaments: http://www.myfonts.com/morelike/107888/