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Can you identify this font from this christmas card??


Thank you so much!

Hmmm, what are the chances this involved outline theft? :-/
Please don't recommend or use such fonts.


Hrant, this is from Harold Lohner’s website:
I advertise my computer fonts as "original" because I make all the digital fonts myself by hand. Throughout my website and other materials, I am quite clear about the inspirations for my fonts, which may be the earlier creations of others. To me, this sort of "learned borrowing" is an important aspect of the history and practice of art. It is not my intention to rip-off the work of any individual or company; I put my own stamp on my work and fully acknowledge the artists and designers in whose shadows I stand.
Please don’t discredit other people’s work unless you have proof it’s not original.

You might be right. But looking at the glyphs above, and Lohner's œuvre in general, do you think "Pharmacy was inspired by the sign at a local (Albany, NY) drugstore" explains the results to satisfaction? Look at that "a".

The desirability of Proof does not preclude letting one's instincts smell something funny, even if sometimes the scent is off.

See: http://typophile.com/node/98598

BTW if I said "I am Nefertiti, queen of Egypt" would be believe me?


OK, so I did research this matter and the first candidate to be ripped off that came to my mind seems to be a match.

ITC Century Book Condensed:

Looking at the numerals especially I think it’s obvious.

To some people "original" just means "not a clone".