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Eerie Indiana

Can Anyone identify the word "EERIE" that is at the top (colored in orange & yellow)? Thanks in advance!!!


I posted this yesterday and thought I'd give it a bump :D

Sorry to be so persistent, but I thought I'd give this one more bump before I give up, LOL. Thanks for any help....even a similar font will suffice.

It clearly seems to be a font that someone should have seen before.

To show my heart's in the right place, I've id'd one of the other fonts:
Southern Software/NapkinScriptSSi

Lol Thanks. That is also a cool font. Thanks again for the ID. For some reason I'm not having any luck with the "Eerie Indiana" part...I've posted this image in a couple of other forums as well, lol. Oh well, I suppose it wasn't meant to be...