typography relation with architecture

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can anybody help me about "typography relation with architecture" for my thesis ? i am looking for book, pdf, website etc....thank you

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Hi Serkan. Welcome to Typophile.

You will find you get better feedback if you provide a more detailed description of your context, and show a little of your own legwork first. For example,

What school do you go to? What is the program? Can you provide a more detailed description other than than “typography relation with architecture”? What is your thesis statement? Where have you already looked? What have you found?

As it stands, it appears as though you are asking others to do your literature-review for you. Learning how to conduct a proper literature review is an important part of preparing a thesis.

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Chris, easy - all he's doing is asking for references (and his topic is pretty clear) which is one thing a place like this is clearly for.

Serkan, this is one of the few books on the subject that makes sense:


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Origin of the sans serif:

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Many architects and designers associated to the "Amsterdamse School" movement had a keen interest in lettering and typography. The facades, bridges and objects designed by them were covered by interesting 'architect letters'. In "Dutch Type" by Jan Middendorp a couple of chapters explore this tradition.
There is also a book called "Wendingen" over the magazine this avant-garde published were you will find interesting examples of their letterings.

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Are you sure you posted the right link there, Nick?

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