Adjust hyphen to caps...

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Hi Typophiles,

I wanted to know the script that allows hyphens (and other similar signs) to adjust if they are in a cap context, or a lower case context, or even between small caps.

Thank you!

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Do you mean when creating a font? Use an OpenType substitution to an alternate glyph in the case (or smcp) feature.

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Yes, while designing a font.

You mean for example create a new glyph called hyphen.cap?
I thought there was one way to vertically adjust the existent hyphen in open type

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You can do that with pos:

lookup shiftup {
pos hyphen <0 30 0 0>;
} shiftup;

It is best to add it to the case feature.


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That's it! Thanks Pieter :)

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I talked to Fer earlier about this... thanks Pieter it worked! I add it to the titl feature.

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A separate glyph can have different kerning.

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