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Nice art deco-style font -- can't seem to identify it!

Does anyone know what this called? It's pretty similar to Organda.


I wonder if someone reworked Anna:
Custom 'O',
used a '5' for a 'S'
upside down U for an alternate 'N'

Thanks Special-K! It's really close isn't it?

There are other slight differences though, which makes me think this might be an actual font. e.g. The "s" (which does look almost exactly like an Anna "5") has slightly rounded corners. Also the Anna "e" and "b" are different -- the horizontal strokes cross the vertical ones.

Any idea how old this lettering is?

- Mike Yanega

It's TallDeco Normal by Thomas E. Harvey, 1992. He asks a small fee for commercial use.

Thanks to both Mike Y, and Mike F, for your responses.

Mike Y, I'm sorry I don't how old it is but I believe Mike F has identified in spite of my ignorance! TallDeco it is! Thanks so much.