Favorite fonts of the year

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Since the year is almost at it's end .. it's time for you top fonts of the year !

Mine are:

1. Knockout
2. Gotham
3. Bebas Neue

What are your favorite fonts ?

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what do you think of this one, kind of similar

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Does “favorite” mean what one admired most, or used most?
And does “of the year” require that the favorite be new this year?
Whatever, I would never favorite a revival (e.g. Benton), unless there were some remarkably novel method of resuscitation involved, which is the case with Karloff.

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Dapifer is really growing on me.


It's pretty quirky. I bought the set packaged as "for Letterpress," and that's what I intend to use it for. The small caps with a bit of spacing are extremely elegant, while the bolder italic is so curious -- I think it's got a bit of the ugly in it (referring to Karloff, here), but in an endearing way!

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Hands down, Fenland.

BTW frankly I can't grasp any of your three/four choices.

One other thing: what do we know about the pedigree of Bebas (Neue)?


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favorite in my opinion can be both: most admired and most used.

I'm a graphic designer who wants to learn more about typography then what I learned in school... which is almost nothing. So excuse me for picking fonts just based on first look, and not looking in to that deeper, since I never really learned to do that. As a graphic design student we learned a bit of everything, but nothing in-depth.

I'm trying to learn about typography from you guys and from other resources on the net.

Also trying to contribute to the forum, and not just asking away and never giving back.

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Fair enough, but for one thing all the fonts you mentioned are older than 2012. Or maybe you meant fonts that you/we personally admired and/or used most in 2012? In my case though the answer wouldn't change. :-)


BTW one useful skill to acquire is the ability to spot (and avoid) fonts that are merely posers, that leech off of existing designs. There's a lot of those, especially these days.


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So excuse me …

No worries, my post wasn’t meant to trash your selections—I was just exploring the idea you introduced, and moving the thread along. If those were your favorite fonts, they were your favorite fonts. Next year, your criteria might change. I would no doubt have pimped one of my own designs—if I had published any in 2012!

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Thanks guys for giving me the space to learn ;)

About Benton and Karloff ... since I'm a rookie here, I'll explain why I like Benton: it's because Benton looks wider than Karloff, I tend to like wider fonts more, because they seem more "friendly".

As for hrant, the fonts I chose are fonts that I used over a year ago, but I'm still happy about. They don't have to be new. Like Coca-Cola is this years favorite drink, although Coca-Cola already exists for so long.

Anyway, I would love to discover more fonts by more listmakers :)

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Last — sorry — this year, the fonts I turned to when doing the occasional job were Brioni by Typotheque and National by Klim/Village. And my sig-font Locator by ProcessType.
I didn’t buy as much as I did in other years, but amongst those were KLTF Tiptoe, News Gothic (didn’t have the OT-version yet, and it has been a fav for 30 years), LT Vesta, LT Neue Frutiger Condensed (the new additions, have to keep up), Fontspring Nexa, FF Akko Rounded.
And I confess that I took advantage of some offers of free fonts (the stock market did not quite perform to expectations… So there was a need for that).
Next year I am going to produce my second font and hopefully recoup some of the expense : )

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Almendra is my favorite font this year
Designed by Ana Sanfelippo at CDT-UBA, and released as a Libre font for Google Webfonts

Wilmington by Bomparte is also very impressive to me.
It really looks like natural writing if you activate 'salt' and 'calt' OT features.
That's not easy to get right, but this one works like a charm.

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About Karloff: it wasn’t so much any of the individual fonts that excited me, but the way the three family members are formally related to one another by interpolation.

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Hands down, Satyr. It’s a great book face, and I love how it feels old and new at the same time, soft and full of tension. (Taking care not to say “yet”, lest the entire internet make fun of that again)
Disclaimer: I did some work on it. But I was excited about the design before that. :)

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The only people to mock "yet" were those envious that you made a better font.


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Mine still seems to be Eames Century Modern.

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Saw it on Time. Fell in love with it right away. Also:

Of course, tagesschau.

Will use them both on my campus paper. Just asking: will they work?

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