Perpetua(l) distress!

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Hi everyone!
This is my first post on this forum, and i really really needed some advice.

My client has a logo already designed using Perpetua (for the main logo type). I need a matching serif and sans serif font to use for the stationary and subsequent collaterals.... and i didn't really want to use Perpetua (i dont like it very much, its so stuffy and old). i know an obvious choice would be Gill sans, but i don't like that font very much either (something about the question mark annoys me)

please help! i've been wracking my brains staring at my screen for hours.

thanks in advance

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Perpetua has enough life in it that could fuel the imitative type design you see nowadays for some 20 years.

Besides this, you could use something similar to Gill Sans, or which has been influenced by Gill’s work.
Thompson’s Agenda might be an idea.

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Oddly enough
might work.


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Cabin maybe?

or Macha?
It's similar to Cabin, but much better :)

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Try the underused Joanna. It's more of a slab serif construction than Perpetua and has a lot of character

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Joanna is one of the best typefaces drawn by Eric Gill.

There is also a new typeface from OurType, called Edward, which homages Edward Johston (and Eric Gill) and borrows a lot of forms from their work. It comes in several styles.

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