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Help identifying this font

I look till my eyes pop out and never have any luck identifying fonts- you folks are a real help!!


This is an old Western style. Baseline Fonts has revived it as Rodeo 57. I have it by the name of Rodding in an old font collection from Tiger Direct.

- Mike Yanega

Originally 'Helvin Black', William H. Page, 1870's. Also out there as Helene Hiss Black by (defunct) Soft Horizons and Helvin Black by Type Revivals.

Edit: Note that none of these is a true match. I think Rodding (thanks, Mike) would be the closest if you simply flatten off the top of the A.

Have found several lookalikes, which all need flattened A:
CastCraft Software/OPTIRodeo http://opti.netii.net/fonts-r/index.htm
Silver Graphics/Roundup
Gophmann, Alexandra Leopoldovna/Taverna
FontMesa-Michael Hagemann/RedDogSaloonOpenFill
Novel Fonts/Rodding

Thank you all for helping me. I think those are all close enough.