Looking for a perfectly round serif "C"

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I'm creating a return address stamp for a couple with last names beginning with C and A. We want the C to encircle the A, which is totally possible with many century-gothic type fonts, but I would like to find something a little more interesting. Does anyone know of a serif font with a perfectly round c? It doesn't matter if it's upper or lowercase.


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No self-respecting font, especially not a serif font, has a perfectly round C/c.

I might try making the inside letter "negative", I mean the counter of the outside letter. You'll end up with a simpler shape, that's more elegant and easier to render nicely. BTW does the "C" have to be dominant? Assuming it's a typical western couple it's most probably better to avoid such hierarchy.

Or, what about alluding to an @ sign?


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Extended serif fonts might have a counter that approximates a circle. Something like Linotype's Kepler Extended or Canada Type's Clarendon Wide. Or a Copperplate Gothic if that counts as a serif.

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Is it meant to be a reference to the anarchy symbol? For an interesting monogram perhaps some inspiration:

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I tried it with my faces. Oneleigh and Paradigm were the only ones that worked, if this is the kind of thing you’re looking for:

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Bembo's C is fairly round, at least on the outside. Did you want a round outline, or a round counter?

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