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HELP Plz, Identify this font

Help me please, can anybody identify these 2 fonts,
i have seen them at many websites and on print media as well as on television, but i am still not able to locate it



Mistral and Eurostile Bold Extended.

Oh Sir, you just made my day ^_^, i made an account here just an hour ago and i am very thankful to you for helping me out. I have the fonts now. Thankyou very much

Where did you end up getting the fonts?


The Web :)

Did you pay for them?


i am a poor guy

I am loath to change the subject here because I think we all want to know the answer to hrant's question.

But I did get this nice 1961 Heritage Club edition of Jack London's The Sea-Wolf for Christmas with a nice use of Mistral

so graceful

Thank you for (effectively) admitting to acquiring the fonts illegally.

I have long thought that theft can sometimes be justified. Like stealing food for a starving family. But you don't go to the market to ask farmers where their fields are. And most of all, these are fonts - chances are you don't need them to survive, and you just want them to somehow get ahead. This is not OK, as (most) people make fonts at least in large part to get ahead themselves. So you're devaluing typefaces, our work, and I would ask you to stop.

But frankly, in this context for us to help you steal fonts is probably worse than you stealing them. So we should stop too. We can't change the world or human nature, but we can and should still fight for things, such as Typophile.


it is not just a matter of fonts, just in case i would like to know that have you really acquired the license of your first designing software when you were a student,many of you manage to pay their college fee, but there exist several who are not born in luxury cars who manage to learn stuff from internet but less fortunately has to end up with pirated softwares, there exist clients who pays you less for a design where the font cost supersedes the designer fee.

I'm no saint, and my purpose isn't to attack you personally. But naturally I do want to protect the things I value, one of them being this place.


I don't want to lecture you either but I hope you listen to hrant about protecting the things you value.
If you don't value your work and graphic design in general, neither will your clients.