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I recently designed a logo for the choir sing in. It's a Baroque choir, performing Baroque and classical pieces. A little background: The mark is based on a characteristic of Baroque music being a repetition of melodic themes. I used this idea of repetition by mirroring 2 shapes to form an /A/ and /M/ for Arte Musica (did I mention it's a mostly Italian choir). The four repeated dots represent the 4 voices soprano, alto, tenor, base. I wanted the over all form language to evoke musical notation. I think it might need some tweaks but I thought I'd put it out there. Any constructive feedback is welcomed.

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I like it.

My only thought is that the name Artemusica is very small in relation to the symbol, and this might be a problem when the logo is reproduced in a very small size. I'd suggest reducing the logo to a tiny size and making a print on your printer and see how well it holds up.

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thanks for the feedback, I'll try it out

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Very nice.

Some quibbles:
- The two ball terminal styles are clashing. In context I myself prefer the style of the thin ones.
- To me "ARTEMUSICA" is a bit disappointing; and not centered.


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Hi hrant, thanks for the feedback. Would you mind elaborating a bit on the artemusica disappointment part?
I wanted to keep it minimal with clean geometric sans serif but if you could explain what you're thinking it would great.

I knew it needed some tweaking, working on the terminals is a good call.


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I think "clean geometric" is one workable angle, but this is "clean humanist", so it's in no-man's-land so to speak.


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Nice, though it looks a bit unbalanced to me. The dots don't quite line up vertically, the thin arms overshoot the horizontals just a bit too much, and the whole thing seems skewed slightly to the right. (Though I guess the last point could be intentional.)

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Bit of a p0rn vibe going on ...nice.


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I love the font. But to me there is also an unbalance.
I am curious how it all looks without the highlight and background.
Those are fine tools for presentation, but I'd prefer a clean look to judge.

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