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ID Request: mildly upright-Italic


The ampersand is Trajan, but what's the rest?



Looks like Carol Twombly's Nueva (1994).

It's reminiscent of it, but there are some big differences too.


Footlight Light?

Looks like a match! Thank you.

I wonder why they subbed in Trajan's ampersand - Footlight's is fine.


Yes, it’s Footlight, awesome! I love it. What’s the matching armenian typeface?

I've emailed the ANCA to find out, since I don't want to look through tons of depressing Latinized Armenian fonts...


LOL, but some letters look really nice, and besides this it would be the same if it was the other way around (i.e. drawing a Latin for an Armenian-only typeface). Unless you have enough cultural preparation and sensibility, you can easily end up doing a superficial work.

drawing a Latin for an Armenian-only typeface

Which however virtually never happens.

To me the ideal solution is multi-lateral:
Complicated? Yes! Life is complicated.

Unless you have enough cultural preparation and sensibility

The sad irony is that most such Latinized abominations are carried out not by jingoistic westerner, but by Armenians!

Related: http://armenotype.com/2012/04/archipelago/

And it doesn't help that the computer's copy-paste capability is well-suited to the very Armenian trait of saving effort... :-/ For example in that example the «ն» is a flipped «մ» - nevermind that the ascender ends up pointing the wrong way! :-(


So the one on the poster looks bad?
It‘s a small image but looked nice, of course without knowing armenian letter forms…

And… yes, you know I am familiar with your approach, as you have been hammering it in our heads for – say – at least ten years… LOL I think it’s good, but again it requires enough interest in the development of an original armenian typeface, not only in the latin part. :-)

Or you could partner up:

BTW, I constantly upgrade my hammer. :-)