New Logo/HELP!!! Choose Between 3 Logos Please

Hello all,

I have a Web/Graphic Design startup I am working on and I have 3 logos I have come down to choosing. The name of the company is NE Elements, which is a play on the word any, so its really "Any Elements." The point being we use the elements of man to design things. Please look at the 3 logos posted in black and white and pick the one you like. I haven't designed any with color yet, and will move on with that once I choose a logo. Thanks all for your help. Feedback is very welcome.

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I see he in the second one. And the balance is off

I prefer the first one.

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None of those main logos are awesome, but the first one is OK. Except the widths are off. If you really do want them different, make the "E" even wider*; otherwise make the "N" wider (which would allow you to make the diagonal symmetrically placed) and the "E" narrower.

* Although that would exacerbate the density imbalance between the two.

As for the smaller text, I would avoid all three of those fonts (although the middle one could be cleaned up to be usable).


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My first impression is that all three logos look a bit old-fashioned, like something that might have been designed in the 1960s. They suggest engineering or construction more than design. The three presentations of NE remind me of interchangeable building blocks or modules. Possibly for this reason, I'm not getting the hint that it's a play on "any."
Maybe you could do a visual play on "elements," using the layout of an element on the periodic table. (If your target market isn't related to science, technology, or education, this solution might be a little too geeky.)

What do you mean by "use the elements of man to design things"? Does your business have something to do with ergonomics? If so, you might do better to use some organic forms rather than geometric ones.

(Le Corbusier's Modulor, the classic visual symbol for using the elements of man to design things.)

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Maybe another way for people to get the any-NE pun is to make the same pun on elements.

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What's "any elements" supposed to mean? I'm not getting a message from that phrase.

I agree that the first rendition is the most workable.

Mojo's version is illegible. With luck, I might read it as a jumbled "Elements" — no way I'd think of "any".

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I am not getting it.
And I am missing the concept. Where is the overall idea?
I am missing a link with your business.
Beside that, the aestetics are not there for me.

However, I do like the typohgraphy of the second one.
I conveys something technical.

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